Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ruckus Roboticus - Playing With Scratches

Long time no see! My internet bill has finally been paid, so, to inaugurate:

Artist - Ruckus Roboticus
Album - Playing With Scratches
Year - 2007
Vitals - 320kbps MP3 CBR

This one's a little hard to come by, for some reason. Which is too bad, because it's fantastic. Something of a concept album about the life and times of a fictional, masterful turntablist.

this record is:
funky, playful, silly, clever, bizarrely retro. get it in your ears.


PS: Big up to everyone digging our site globally! You are Halifax, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Brooklyn, New York, LA, San Fran, Berlin, Sydney (Aus), London, Paris, Vienna, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Madrid, Athens, Warsaw, Seoul, Santiago, Tokyo, Moscow, Buenos Aires and Zagreb. Cheers to you all! If you have albums you want to see up on here, give us a shout!


(clickin' the head will take you to the download link)

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